In reality, when you help others, you are helping yourself. You know that it costs the same to serve, help and support the person who needs it than not to do it. The difference only lies in the intention and disposition that one has before life. Why does it cost the same? Because in itself, helping or not doing so are personal opportunities that strengthen the character and improve self-esteem that if done well by one and if not then nothing happens, or maybe only a good chance to feel better is lost.

Helping people, providing support, cooperating with organizations, etc., are good acts that improve the quality of life in general. But beyond being a good action, these efforts directly and immediately benefit the person who performs them.

A generous person of heart is a rich, happy and happy person.

A word of encouragement to a person who feels lonely or sad, a prepared meal, a smile as well as financial support to a person in need can change the perspective of anyone’s life; and without looking for it, this action ends up helping mostly the same person.

When one volunteers with the genuine and sincere goal of helping others for pleasure and with the pure intention of giving without expecting anything in return, a feeling of satisfaction and even charm emerges that nourishes and enriches immediately. Personal skills are improved and the sensitivity is fine-tuning, so that finally everyone benefits.

When a woman signs up to accompany her son to school trips, participates in all the events and cooperates with the teachers, of course she does it because she loves her son, but in reality she also feels satisfaction in her actions,

Also when a person works voluntarily in an organization and gives his time with pleasure and dedication, of course he is an exemplary person, with good values ​​and a great sense of responsibility, but also, he learns, surrounds himself with equally influential people and he also feels good to yourself for being able to have contributed and contributed something.

Whenever you give, you do not have less, on the contrary, you multiply and enrich yourself, a mathematical rule that is difficult to explain. Giving is an act that brings positive energy to people, in addition to bringing light to the world we live.

When was the last time you helped or surprised someone with a good touch?


Photo by Loren Joseph on Unsplash


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