Are you  interested in volunteering  and want to know more about this way of helping others? As you know, it is an altruistic act that allows you to donate your time and effort to contribute to a specific cause.

Being a volunteer means participating in a cause collaborating in different ways, that is why it is a practice from which you can learn a lot. Today we want you to know everything that, in one way or another, is related to it and that, incidentally, you encourage to try it. You will end up repeating!

How is volunteering born?

It can be said that volunteering was born from charity work and charity that different religions carried out with the people most in need. For centuries, this charity joined the religious concept until about the postwar period, when it acquired a more political character.

After the European struggle, the continent needed an economic recovery, which is why voluntary organizations began to emerge that sought to help those with greater needs and shortcomings.

With the birth  of welfare states throughout Europe , volunteering was acquiring an institutional character. For example, in 1859 the Swiss Jean Henri Dunant witnessed the battle of Solferino between Italians, Austrians and French. There were so many injured that the health services collapsed, which caused such a profound impact that it led him to write a book that, later on, was considered as the closest antecedent of what the International Red Cross would be .

From then on, volunteering gained prominence and consolidated as a practice that nowadays numerous organizations , entities, organs and institutions in diverse areas and disciplines are promoting.

Do you know the main values ​​of volunteering?

Volunteering is an activity full of motivations and is promoted by various values ​​of which we can not stop talking to you. Look at some of them:

  • Altruism: it is one of the most relevant, because you have to bear in mind that volunteering or volunteering involves donating your time and effort to a cause with the sole purpose of helping others. With time you will see that it is very rewarding and that the reward is not only monetary. This does not mean that you have to run with all the expenses of the activity , but it is an action that is not remunerated as such. The important thing is not what you can get to perceive for it; the important thing is your contribution.
  • Empathy: one of the things that makes a voluntary person get involved is that he is able to put himself in the place of others and  see the problem from his own perspective. Thus, he is able to become more clearly involved with his environment and can find better solutions.
  • Social interaction: volunteering is not only good for the person who receives the help, but also for the person who gives it. If you are a volunteer or volunteer, you will have the opportunity to meet people who are involved in projects like yours and interested in helping others.
  • Learning:as a volunteer you will know  new situations  that you will have to face and that will make you grow as a person. Therefore, it is a good way to forge your personality and acquire new knowledge for your daily life and for your professional performance.


Photo by Asif Aman on Unsplash


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