The first thing is to realize that you have the restlessness and willingness to help others and be aware that you are going to dedicate a part of your time and effort to a project of this type. Volunteering is above all disposition.

This can happen in different ways: you can find a project and feel like participating in it or someone can tell you that it is voluntary or voluntary and convince you to accompany it to a meeting. The important thing is to take the step to help and be willing to invest your time in it.

What types of volunteering can you join?

The truth is that there are many forms of volunteering. The classification of all of them depends on numerous factors. Next we want to present you some categories so that you have more clarity on this matter:


  1. Volunteering by areas:


– Social action: it is usually done in your city and focuses on helping people at risk of social exclusion or vulnerability , such as immigrants, disabled or families with problems.

– Environmental: if you are interested in the preservation of nature, you can also be part of an environmental volunteer project.

– Emergency : if a situation arises that requires a quick action, you can cover activities with volunteers of any kind.

– Cooperation or international: takes place in another country and focuses on the coverage of basic needs such as education, health, employment, among others, especially in contexts marked by poverty and inequality.


  1. For the place where it is provided:


– In your city: there are different activities focused on helping communities at risk of social exclusion, poverty, inequality or other necessary actions in your area of ​​influence.

– At the headquarters of the organization: many associations, entities or NGOs need help with organizational or management issues. It is also another way to lend your time and effort.

– International: it is provided in a country different from yours. In general, you will face situations very different from the ones you are used to.


  1. According to the way of getting involved:


– Formal: is one in which you are part of an organization that supervises your work and organizes it.

– Informal: is the one that you can do at a particular level.

– Virtual: uses other channels such as mobile phones or assistance chats. In fact, this type of volunteering has gained a lot of relevance through the network, from where people can also be helped.

How to find volunteer offers?

If at this point you are one step away from volunteering, we want to talk to you about how to find offers that fit your routine or that represent an opportunity to get to know this world. It is easier than you think!

The first thing you have to keep in mind is in what kind of program you want to participate. You can bet on volunteering in your city, a European volunteer service or even volunteering with refugees.

Once you are clear about this aspect you can do a more exhaustive search of the opportunities in your city or contact an international organization to initiate the procedures of your connection to the project.

Oh! And, also, make sure that when you find the offers you have clear all the requirements and if you meet them. In this way it will be easier to carry out the procedures to link to the program. It does not matter that you have to look for several options: what really matters is to stay with the one that best fits your profile.

On the internet there are numerous resources to search for volunteer offers, such as the web


Photo by Naassom Azevedo on Unsplash


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