We ask, are you willing to help someone without asking anything in return?

Angel Tasker is a community of people with big hearts who are ready to offer their services for free. Anyone can be a member, whether you are a professional, a student seeking tutorial help with homework, a mother who needs a pediatrician’s advice and more.

If you are to register as an Angel Tasker, please bear in mind that you are doing this voluntary out of service to those in need. You may discuss in private with the other party if you wish to be paid. We are not obligating anyone who joins the community.

Using the site is 100% free and secure. We do not charge any commissions or fees from both Angel Taskers and those seeking help. Tipping or sending a token of appreciation is allowed. We are not responsible for any disputes, claims, or non-payment between parties.

We do not seek funding, donations or any form of solicitation. We have high regard for decency and any form of violence, bullying, or sexual content will be removed and members involved will be banned permanently.

Angel Taskers are never and should not be required to complete any task for other members. We also do not guarantee effectiveness, truthfulness and accuracy of advice or service provided.

This site aims to foster the values of generosity, kindness and helpfulness. This is not a marketplace or a charitable organization.


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